Sage 13U - Flannery

team philosophy

Since its start as a 9U team, the Sage 2006 team has focused on developing smart players with solid softball skills who like the game and support each other. Its coaches understand that softball is more than outs and runs: it's a team activity that should lead to improved relational thinking, strategic awareness, and personal confidence. We focus on relationships first, wins second, while observing that the latter often follows the former. Sage 2006 is competing at the 14U B level this season.


Mary Ellen Flannery - Head Coach

Mary Ellen Flannery - Head Coach

Mary Ellen Flannery - Head Coach

Coach Flannery has been coaching AGSA house, all-star or Sage 2006 softball since 2012. While she does not like to lose, she cares more about the kids as people than players. Her expectations are high. Her practices are a little bit fun.

Arjay West - Assistant Coach

Mary Ellen Flannery - Head Coach

Mary Ellen Flannery - Head Coach

Coach West is a defensive mastermind who promotes a smart, confident approach to the ball. Something he says often: Breathe out. Something he does often: Make the girls laugh.

John Giambalvo - Assistant Coach

Mary Ellen Flannery - Head Coach

John Giambalvo - Assistant Coach

Coach Giambalvo does everything! A former football player, he preaches focus, hard work, and constant improvement. But what he likes best about this team is that they like each other, support each other, and enjoy being together.


#    Name                   Position

#2   Eleni Guerrera

#3   Mercer Colby

#6   Milena West

#8   Emily Keefe

#10   Eleanor Whitehouse

#11   Margaret Flannery-Goodman

#13   CJ Gibson

#14   Sophia Giambalvo

#17   Grace Rutherford
#24   Audrey Pocrass

#27   Kelly Chmiel

#99   Devyn Carlson


SPRING schedule

No upcoming events.

tournament schedule


April 18 — Shenandoah Valley tournament/Softball Nation

April 25-26 — Crushers Smackdown/USSSA VA

May 9 — Mama Drama/USSSA MD

May 16-17 — First State Frenzy/USSSA DE

May 30-31 — State Fastpitch Tournament/USSSA VA

June 6-7 — Queen of Diamonds/USSSA MD

June 20-21 — Nova NIT/USSSA VA

June 27-28 — Loudoun Firecracker/USSSA VA

July 11-12 — USA Softball WV

July 18-19 — USSSA MD