Sage 10U - Gagliano

team philosophy

The Sage 10U-Gagliano team is committed to fostering a love of softball, building strong fundamental softball skills in young players, promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst teammates and working with each player at their level to help them achieve their highest potential. We emphasize practicing with integrity, controlling the parts of the game we can control and competing with focus and determination in games. As long as players are learning and improving and always displaying good sportsmanship, we are a successful team!



Chris Gagliano - Head Coach

Multiple seasons of House League coaching. 1 year Assistant Coach and 1 year Coach for Sage.

Coaching Philosophy: Learn the fundamentals properly, then build on a solid foundation.

Laurie Hughes - Assistant Coach

Head Coach for House League for 7 seasons, Assistant Coach for Spirit Summer All Stars for 1 season, Pixie Commissioner for 2 years, Pigtail Commissioner for 1 year and current Assistant Pigtail Commissioner.
Coaching Philosophy: play hard and have fun

Josh White - Assistant Coach

10 seasons as an AGSA House League Assistant Coach, 1 year as Assistant Pigtail Commissioner and current Assistant Ponytail Commissioner.

Coaching philosophy: You get out of it what you put into it: Players and coaches who have a positive attitude, have fun, and dedicate themselves to learning and improving can accomplish great things.


#     Name                   Position

#1   Juliet M.

#2   Giuliana H.

#3   Zöe S.

#5   Marie G.

#6   Esther F.

#8   Regan H.

#9   Samantha W.

#10   Kiran L.

#19   Mae H.

#21   Tatum O.

#27   Noa K.

#28   Abigail G.


fall schedule

No upcoming events.

tournament schedule


9/14-15 - Loudoun DH

9/21-22 - Fall Brawl

9/29 - Loudoun DH

10/6 - DH or host 1-day tourney

10/12-13 - Breast Cancer Awareness NIT

10/20 - Loudoun DH


10/26-27 - Trick or Treat (Chambersburg)

11/9-10 - Crown Trophy Fall Challenge NIT- 2nd Place